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2022 Wedding Dress Trends

What we think we will see. From style and texture to color.

2021 set the standards pretty high in terms of wedding dresses but we are sure the 2022 is sure to be even better.

So get your wishlist ready because 2022 is going to produce some amazing styles.

1) They already gained traction in 2021 and in 2022 they are to be a show stopper. Square necklines. They are such a modern style that are flatters so many different brides. I mean just look at this beauty.

2) Next is COLOR, and we love to see it. Whether it's subtle by adding a hint of color to the underlay, colored florals, or a black dress. More and more brides are stepping away from the traditional white wedding gown.

3) Detachable Skirts- One dress two looks. Do we need to say more? Detachable skirts can be a perfect option if you are wanting a quick transition between ceremony and reception.

4) Modern Textures and Patterns. Stripes, dots, we want it all.

Wedding dresses have come such a long way. Choose the option that best suites your needs; Showcases your style, whatever that may be.


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