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Get to Know Meadowbrooke Bridal

A modern bridal shop rooted in tradition and elegance, Meadowbrooke Bridal has a fun tale of how it all got started!

My excitement for design bloomed at my childhood home, Meadowbrooke Estate, pictured above. You'll see this image sprinkled in the decor and celebrated in the mural just outside the front doors of Meadowbrooke Bridal. The photo above was taken on my wedding day, which of course took place at home!

After graduating from college, my journey into all things bridal began! My husband and I moved to Charleston, SC and I began working as a bridal seamstress. I got the wonderful opportunity to visit almost every single boutique in Charleston for bridal fittings and got to know such lovely folks in the industry.

While I was jumping from one boutique to the next, my husband was studying at the Naval Nuclear Power School in preparation for his tours on a submarine. Once he completed his studies, we moved up and down the East Coast at Naval duty stations as assigned. I was able to link up with a bridal boutique in each city we came to and furthered my knowledge and experience in boutique bridal.

Once we had completed our final tour in the Navy, we decided to move into the civilian world and fell in love with Asheville, NC. Once fully settled, we knew opening Meadowbrooke Bridal was on the horizon and are thrilled the dream is ongoing as we speak!

I am beyond thrilled you're here and cannot wait to be part of your big day!


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