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Meet the Team!


Hello! I am Brooke and I am the owner and founder of Meadowbrooke Bridal. Here is a little about me.

The store was named after my childhood home, "Meadowbrooke". My parents claim my name wasn't related to the home, but sure seems coincidental to me!

FAVORITE BRIDAL STYLE: Classic Ballgown - the BIGGER the better!

PERFECT DAY OFF: PJs and a good book!

BEST WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING ADVICE: Embrace you "Say Yes" moment! This is meant to be a fun and special experience, so be sure you're ready to say yes when you feel it.


Hi! I am Sav and I am the Manager here at Meadowbrooke Bridal. Here is a little about me.

FAVORITE BRIDAL STYLE: Fitted with Classic Fabrics - Elegant Goddess Vibes.

I have been working in bridal now for 2 years and have LOVED meeting all of our gorgeous brides and can't wait to meet more.

PERFECT DAY OFF: Hiking with my pups in the mountains!

BEST WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING ADVICE: Don't be afraid to say you look great! When you find a dress that makes you feel confident in yourself or reflects your personality, go with it! You want to feel like yourself on your wedding day.


Hello! I am Gabbie and I am the social media girl here at Meadowbrooke Bridal! You have probably seen my face a lot on some reels here... and why I have loved making reels poking fun at my significant other for not proposing... I can finally say I am a WHOLE FIANCE

FAVORITE BRIDAL STYLE: A fitted, modern, sleek beauty.

FAVORITE DAY OFF: A book, a movie and playing with my baby!

BEST WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING ADVICE: Make it fun. That's it. Make it fun and enjoyable. YOU ARE AMAZING.

Now that you know a little about us we are super excited to meet you and have you in shop! Shop with you soon.



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