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Not a Veil Girl?

Here are some alternatives to consider!

There is so much to choose for your big day and the traditional veil, while GORG, may not be your thing. And that it absolutely OK! There is no right or wrong when it comes to bridal style.

Whether you are going for minimal and chic to full glam , or anything in between, there are an endless amount of options to choose from.


Bridal statement earrings are ideal for so many brides! the best part about a statement earring is you can pair it with or without a veil. Match the detail of your dress and wedding theme and apply that to your statement earring!

some statement earrings at Meadowbrooke Bridal


Maybe you are a trendy and fashion bride and a hat seems like a better option than a veil. Bridal Hats are a moment and we love when a bride takes details from their dress and includes is it on the hat to tie in their wedding look.

We carry bridal hats in store and can offer customization! Including, ribbon, branding and etc.


If you are free spirited or boho bride a floral crown may be calling out to you. Tucking fresh flowers into your updo could give you the little extra that you are looking for in regards to your bridal hair!

Or maybe you are a veil girl. We've got you covered then too.

XOXO, Meadowbrooke


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