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Looking for a second dress, or your dream dress at a great price?

We have a wide variety of Sample gowns for sale at discounted prices.

These take home styles are a great opportunity for brides who are looking for a discounted dress, a second dress or need a dress quick!

Look below as we showcase some of our sample gowns for you to buy off the rack.

Looking for a fun Reception look? This jumpsuit from Lotus Threads is perfect for you.

This flowy dress is giving us total beach vibes!

A Hailey Paige lover? It is easy to see why. We variety of dress from this designer that are available on the Sample Rack.

Not to be confused with a trunk show...A sample sale is where you are purchasing the gown off the rack. These gowns are available for purchase to take home same day. There are a number of reasons why bridal stores decide to part with a sample gown. The dresses may be discontinued, (that's a sad day), or the need to make space so we can bring you newer gowns! Just remember, Every day is a sample sale!- Although there are days dedicated to sample sales... you don't have to wait for a dedicated day to purchase a sample gown and get an amazing deal!


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