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Silhouette Guide:

Silhouette Guide:

You know what style and fit you want for your wedding dress but are you unsure how to describe it? We’ve got you covered.

Let’s break down the most popular fits.

A LINE: With a fitted bodice and a skirt that flows out around the hips, it’s easy to see why this style is called A-line. A universal favorite.

BALL GOWN: Wanting a fairy tale princess vibe? This is the style for you. Glamour, check. Volume, check check. With a beautiful fitted bodice with a voluminous skirt, you can’t help but love a ball gown dress.

FIT AND FLARE: These dresses can have many different names but will are going to put most of them under the umbrella of fit and flare. Fitted through the bodice, hips and thighs, these gowns then give a small flare around the knees. Looking for a more subtle flare? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a more exaggerated flare? We have that too!

SHEATH: Similar to a fit and flare, but instead of being fitted through the thigh area, these dresses flow out at the hip. An effortless and elegant fit that emphasizes your curves without hugging them!


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