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The Social Media Bride

Technology and social media have grown so much in the previous years. With that being said brides now have the ability to share their wedding across many different platforms. Stories, posts, hashtags, filters, websites; there are so many different ways for brides to share and connect. Not only is social media a great way for the bride and groom to share their wedding but it gives the opportunities for guests to also share.


One of the biggest and evolving platforms for brides and guests to share the wedding experience. From stories to posts to reels, instagram not only allows pictures to be shared but allow brides to be creative when creating content for their wedding.

Wedding Websites:

Talk a a total package. Websites are a great way to cumulate a lot of information in one spot and communicate. Showcase your registry, engagement photos, bridal party, travel accommodations and so much more! One of our favorite spots to start a website is The Knot, make it easy on yourself and your guests with a website!



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