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Trends of 2023

We saw a lot of trends shift and change through the last couple of years with Covid really throwing a wrench in some brides plans for their big days... but it is a new year and things see to be shifting again!


Now don't get us wrong we still love a good elopement moment but bigger weddings are making a come back. Couples are even opting to creating a whole weekend event for everyone they know and love.


All neutral or white weddings are not as popular as they used to be. We are seeing more colors and patterns incorporated into their big days. Whether it be colorful florals or a wedding dress with color, weddings are blooming.


From Bridgeton to Disco, more brides are creating themes for their wedding day! We are also seeing brides requesting their guests to dress in certain colors. A favorite we have seen is all pink or all black for guests.


The love of an outdoor wedding venue rises. The idea of "wedding season" can transform with access to different destinations. From Mexico to Greece or even somewhere different State side, we are seeing more brides travel for their wedding.

No matter what the vision for your wedding we encourage our couples to make their big day all about things they love.

XO Meadowbrooke Bridal


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