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Here at Meadowbrooke Bridal we are happy to announce that Untamed Petals will be part of our accessories that we offer in the boutique.

Untamed Petals offers the most stunning accessories for our brides to be. Crafted of the highest quality, these special occasion pieces have a look that we know our brides will fall in love with.

It is easy to see why Untamed Petals is a best seller. From veils, short bridal dresses, to accessories. Get ready to fall in love with the uniqueness of Untamed Petals. We are so excited to be a retailer and can't wait to see you in the boutique!

About Untamed Petals: Founded in 2009 by Amanda Judge, Untamed Petals specializes in crafting high-quality, timeless bridal and special occasion accessories. Every piece is made with love!


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